Creation of Dai Bang School

In X – XI century the Central province of Bing-Dinh became the cradle of the true Vietnamese fisticuffs style. The Dai Bang School is to be the best part of Vo Bing Dinh martial art.  The Dai Bang School directly concerns the victory of peasant rebellion Theishon under the direction of Nguen Hue.


In the period of King Le Thanh Tong’s rule (1460-1497) the feudalism in Vietnam reached its fullest flower and then, from the beginning of XVI century began its decadence. The struggle between feudal lords caused the split of the state in two parts: Northwards from the Zangh river reigned the Chinhs feudal dynasty and Southwards ruled the Nguens Dynasty.

At the point of XVII – XVIII centuries the state was crisis-ridden. In 1760 starvation prevailed even in such a flourishing land as South province Zadinh. From the end of XVII there began to increase the surge of peasant rebellions. The country, being torn in two halves by feudal strife and paralyzed by imperial extremism, faced foreign aggression.

Desiring to make use of the situation of inland dissension, Siamese (nowadays – Thailand) forces invaded South while Chinese feudal lords captured several regions adjacent to the Northern boarder.

It was essential to consolidate and strengthen the state. In spring of 1771 Nguen Hue and his brothers – Nguen Nyak, Nguen Lye – excited an unprecedented in the Vietnam history peasant rebellion.

Thus, the year 1771 is considered a year of foundation of the Dai Bang School.


Origin of Dai Bang in Ukraine

The history of Vo Dao and the Dai Bang School in Ukraine is inseparably linked with the name of the grandmaster Leon Le Van Thanh. Many long years the school exercised its rights as an amateur group in view of political situation in the former USSR and only on September 3,1997, it received the official status – in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, was registered  the International Federation of Viet Vo Dao, which was founded and headed by master Leon Le Van Thanh. There were held the first official competitions as well as the students’ appearing at competitions of other all-Ukrainian and international federations of combats.


GrandMaster Leon Le Van Thanh was born in 1951 in Saigon. His biography is brief: he has devoted all his life to the way of serving the Dai Bang School.

The interest to Dai Bang master Leon inherited from his father and grandfather. The trainings in the school, where in his boyhood Master Leon had started his study, were directed by Grand-Master and Teacher Le Suan Tung.  Le Suan Tung was born in the province of Bingh Dingh in 1896. Grand-Master and Teacher Le Suan Tung was a Teacher of more than ten Vietnamese styles: Sa Long Kyong, Kym Long, Vinh Suan Fai, Thyen Long Fai, Hoa Long Fai, Kim Ke Fai, Dai Zyong Long, Rong Sanh Fai, the five animal styles of Shaolin – the Tiger, the Leopard, the Dragon, the Snake, the Crane; he also managed many styles of other districts of South-Eastern Asia.

When he was 16, Master Leon as well as many of his companions, took the field when the war was unleashed in Vietnam in the fight for repartition of the globe. In such a way Le Van Thanh for several years tried his skill in the mortal struggle. As a talented person, LVT was sent to study in USSR in 1971. Having found himself in an unknown country, not knowing the language yet, Le Van proved to be able to do more than cope with the study, but to gather around himself associates taking an interest in martial arts. In 1977 he was diplomaed as an international economist.

At that time martial arts could not exist officially and that’s why students would train in maladjusted conditions, frequently changing the place of trainings. Many times master Leon trained in forests. Master’s relatives and friends were also to undergo many trials. For many years he would live being permanently ready to be subjected to repressions. But experience, patience and his talent helped master to reach the only correct decision. Today, as Master Leon is not a secret name, but a person who has brought up thousands of disciples, as his knowledge is not a secret demanding a special permit, but an open-to-everyone book (to read it depends only on one’s diligence, honesty and thirst for knowledge) we look back at what had been suffered and see Master Leon LLVT has always served an example to those who desires and believes. Such a person is he to his family and so his disciples tell.